Rio Grande Organics

Super. Natural. Pecans.

Growing the South’s favorite nut just the way Mother Nature intended… the natural way.

Our Vision

As farmers we see the effects that unabated chemical usage has had on our water, wildlife and most importantly, our soil. Soil is the backbone of agriculture and there is a limited supply that is capable of supporting plant growth. Rio Grande Organics has a clear focus on building healthy balanced soil; soil that creates an environment that balances and sustains productivity for generations to come. Rio Grande Organics chooses to be organic farmers and we invite you to join us in promoting a healthier future for us and our planet.

Our Mission

We take care of pecan trees. We plant, nurture, water and prune these trees so that they produce a bountiful crop of nuts. Guided by the principles of organic farming, our pecans are free of any unnatural or harmful chemicals. We harvest, shell and distribute our nuts, so that our customers are assured of receiving the best pecans that nature can produce.

Rio Grande Organics operates by following a core set of principles:


Only the best from Mother Earth.

Environmental Responsibility

Only organic growing methods are used. No harmful chemicals, ever.


The truth is in our pecans.


We’re all about finding better, healthier ways to grow our pecans.

Customer Service

We love our customers and it shows.


We make every day Earth Day.