Who Is Rio Grande Organics?

Rio Grande Organics (RGO) opened the doors in 2003 and has since grown into the largest organic pecan farm in North America. We are currently at 33,000 healthy, mature pecan trees, and our success is attributed to their native South Texas locations. With our farms located on the sandy banks of both the Rio Grande River and the Nueces River, our orchards are able to provide a variety of pecans in their most natural state.

Rio Grande Organics upholds the time-honored methods of growing pecans to give you nature’s best bounty. We work with nature and use organic practices to afford your customers the sweet, buttery goodness of the South’s favorite nut! Because we take organics seriously, we also work with a third-party certifying agency to verify our materials and methods meet the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) standards.

Each year in early Autumn, we gather our heart healthy and delicious pecans for harvest. The pecans are cracked and sorted into a variety of sizes ranging from halves to pieces. Then the final product is packaged in 30-pound boxes and returned to cold storage where they await their destiny. This organic approach provides health benefits for your customers, business success for you, and a responsible future for our planet.

Rio Grande River